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About - Alicia's Collections - Custom Furniture Somerset West

About Alicia Myburgh.


I am an Entrepreneur

At age 5 I started my “career” by selling homemade Ginger beer…my Darling Grand Mother’s recipe, to everyone in our community. Later Pine Apple Beer, which I thought was cool drink…soon found out it made people tipsy…they loved it.

My next venture was building Kites for virtually all the boys in my Home town. I made Swallows (then the rage) …their wings could actually flap.

At 15 I wrote, what is our highest grade at High School, and having found that I loved drawing houses and furniture, this was the path I prayed I could follow. My Dad, a Railway man had not accumulated enough to send me to University, so I started going to various furniture factories and worked with the workmen at the back, with my hands. I loved the smell of it and the joy of designing something and seeing it come to life.

I have travelled many roads, worked in many countries, even India, which I love. Today I have 5 factories in the Western Cape, I am nearing my 69th birthday, and have not had a real holiday since 1998. I work 7/7, but hope that soon it will be 6 days per week only. I am taking care of many people. We are a happy, very close family.
I cannot see myself ever sitting down and doing nothing. It bores me to tears. I shall keep on till the day, be it God’s will, that I leave this Earth. What I do is my life and my life’s work. I am extremely Blessed.

Define Bespoke Furniture: Ask yourself this- is the company you are buying from making the furniture from raw materials that they sourced themselves, to dimensions that would render the pieces useless to another customer’s requirements and in a style and finish that is wholly unique to a design brief you have agreed in advance? If the answer is no, then it is
unlikely to be bespoke. Bespoke furniture is any piece of furniture that is custom made. The furniture can be made to the specifications of the customer, both in size and in features. Any type of furniture can be made custom, which means bespoke furniture can range from sofas, lounge chairs, tables and chairs to cabinets, bed headboards, and even doors. In the South Africa, such furniture is instead said to be custom or custom-made. Malaika offers only Bespoke Furniture as an option for their customers. I do not buy anything from any other furniture manufacturers, anywhere in the world. Everything is made according to my customer’s wishes, here in Cape Town. This process usually involves one or more meetings with the furniture maker to discuss the design and features included with the furniture and ensure the customer gets exactly what he or she wants.

Malaika, with Alicia the owner, has grown extensively.

After much thought regarding my personal position and where I am heading, I decided to expand, massively. I needed a large factory in which to house two of my factories, the Custom made furniture and another which does re-upholstering and redesign of beloved old pieces.

Finally we found the place and have been here since the 1st August 2015.

Those that are able to design, create and manufacture products themselves. It is these designers that are not bound by the limitations of the marketplace, who can push the boundaries and realise truly unique concepts and spaces for each individual project. This I have achieved for decades and you will be positively surprised by the cost of our custom made furniture, as well as the excellent price to quality ratio. I am now in my 55th year of design and production of furniture…any furniture.